Triple Flame Energy Field Detox

Purify Energy Centers and Meridian Pathways

This 45-minute guided meditation leads you to purify your energy field (aura). You are guided to clear the main energy centers (chakras) as well as the meridian pathways that flow between them.

The circulatory system for your life force energy, is called your meridian pathways. Meridians are invisible, theoretical lines which correspond to the flow of energy or chi throughout the human body. They relate to each of the body’s organs and systems and can be used to assess and to improve health well known for centuries as Chinese Medicine.

In one way, the meridian system is like the lymph system. Both act as channels for removing toxins. The lymph system carries away physical toxins and the meridian system carries away emotional, mental and spiritual toxins.

Triple Flame Meditation

45 minute guided meditation by Suzanna Kennedy helps you purify your energy field for greater health, wealth and joy.

$27.00 USD